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Brick LED Lights
Canadaledlights offer a wide selection of step lights and garden brick lights which are an excellent method of providing low level step lighting, patio and path lighting. A standard brick light  replaces a standard house brick for mounting in perimeter walls however we also supply a selection of step light and brick light sizes for mounting in ornamental and cavity walls. In addition to our halogen and low energy brick lights we also offer a range of LED brick lights in round, square and rectangular sizes in a variety of colours and even offer a colour changing brick light.

The LED Brick Light is applied for building indoor and outdoor spaces, such as
pathways, night clubs, dance areas, patios, and landscaping.



  • High-efficient, low-energy and long lifetime.
  • Convenient controller, the colors are red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple, RGB,           
  • Low heat, cool light source, High security, High reliability, Environmental protection             
  • It can be designed to meet customer’s requirement

ULc  Certification Not Available  - Coming Soon