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Inground LED
Exterior lighting enhances security and safety, and creates a welcoming and attractive appearance to domestic and commercial environments. Commercial lighting systems need to be effective, safe, energy efficient and affordable.

All projects, no matter whether it is a commercial project or a domestic installation need to have a well-designed plan. Decide what you want to light and the effect you want to create.

A number of lighting techniques can be incorporated:

Uplighting from below adds visual interest and emphasises the shape of trees, bushes, statues and fountains.

Accent Lighting is a quick way to add drama to a landscaped garden. Position focused lights near the base of statues or trees – effective but to be used sparingly!

Shadowing casts the shadow of a plant or tree onto a wall behind by placing a spotlight in front of the plant to shine through the foliage.

Wall lighting is designed to be incorporated into a wall bordering a building, pool or walkway area.

ULc Certification Not Available - Coming Soon