Usual Time of Payment:  Before shipment

Goods Available To Buyer:  After payment

Risk to Seller:  None

Risk to Buyer:  Complete. Relies on seller to ship exactly the goods expected, as quoted and ordered

Comments:  Seller's goods must be special in one way or another, or special circumstances prevail over normal trade practices (e.g., goods manufactured to buyer-only specification).


Make your payment by bank transfer to our Company account Before Delivery


Usual Time of Payment:  By Cheque or Cash, 30% upon order is made and the remaining 70% on delivery 

Available To Buyer:  Apon Payment is verifyed

This table summarizes the current rates of these sales taxes by province and territory.

Province GST PST HST Provincial Tax Information
Alberta 5% n/a n/a Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration
BC 5% 7% n/a BC Consumer Taxes
Manitoba 5% 8% n/a Manitoba Retail Sales Tax
New Brunswick n/a n/a 13% New Brunswick Taxes
Newfoundland n/a n/a 13% Taxes in Newfoundland and Labrador
NWT 5% n/a n/a NWT Taxation
Nova Scotia n/a n/a 15% Information for Nova Scotia Taxpayers
Nunavut 5% n/a n/a Nunavut Taxes
Ontario n/a n/a 13% Ontario HST
PEI n/a n/a 14% PEI HST
Quebec 5% 9.975% n/a Quebec GST and QST
Saskatchewan 5% 5% n/a Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax
Yukon 5% n/a n/a Yukon Taxation